The app has been created to enhance communication with patients and increase their commitment to health and involvement in the treatment process.

This is one of numerous ways in which we attempt to emphasise the importance of self-care and self-observation and promote active cooperation among our patients. The app allows them to enter the data regarding their condition and evaluation of the quality of life. Then, they will receive feedback with recommendations on how to proceed. The use of the app is also recommended due to the current epidemiological situation. The patients are able to view their treatment results at any time of day, without the need for personal contact with the medical staff.

Initially, the app contained a module to conduct an initial assessment of risk factors for COVID-19 infection only. However, due to the changing needs, Diaverum has expanded the functio¬nality of d.CARE: a module with information on treatment results, laboratory tests and prescri¬bed medication was added to the app.

The app provides access to both current and historical data on blood pressure levels, heart rate, weight before and after dialysis, weight loss, Kt/V values, and body temperature. It also provides the possibility to check laboratory results (level/concentration of haemoglobin, albumin, HbA1c, calcium, phosphates, potassium, or PTH).

Diaverum intends to develop the functionality of this app so that the patients can gain comprehensive access to information about their treatment, get reminders about their medical appointments or notifications on when to take medication. They will also have their general state monitored.

It is a convenient and functional solution that significantly increases the health comfort, satisfaction and the sense of security of our patients. Given the growing trend towards digitisation and the increasing availability of smartphones and the Internet, it is reasonable to assume that health apps will play an important role in patients' lives as the age barrier is becoming less decisive in the popularisation of such modern solutions.

Get involved in your health – you are only four steps away:

The d.CARE app is dedicated exclusively to Diaverum patients. It is free of charge, and it is available in Polish.


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