I have been a nun in the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary for 38 years.

In high school, I felt a calling to religious life and in my last year of school I made the decision to enter the Congregation right after my final exams. At the same time, I really wanted to become a nurse, help sick people, take care of them and support them, both spiritually and physically.

The provincial mother of the order helped me fulfil this passion by suggesting I study at the Inter - Congregational Medical College in Warsaw, run by the Sisters of Charity. The standards there were very high as the lecturers were doctors from Warsaw clinics.

After graduating from the College, I started working in an orphanage in Warsaw, run by our Religious Congregation. I worked in orphanages and nursing homes for children, adolescents and adults with somatic diseases, as well as physically and intellectually disabled. During the years of my work, I took care of children from the first year of their life to people nearly 100 years old. I have always combined my work as a nurse with my religious, spiritual life, entrusting my work, patients and staff to the care of the Mother of God, for whom I have a special devotion.

In the meantime, while working and performing religious duties, I was improving my knowledge and skills. I obtained a bachelor's degree from the Medical University of Bialystok. I have also completed a number of courses: vaccinations, resuscitation and adult care in systemic cancer treatment.

I also worked in NHF facilities - at the Children's Memorial Health Institute, at the Daily Chemotherapy Department, at the Military Institute of Medicine, at the Urology Clinic, and then at the Diaverum clinic.

Initially, I trained in hemodialysis, but I was offered to work with peritoneal dialysis. I didn't know much about this method of treatment, but after completing the qualification courses for nephrology nursing with dialysis, ADO Academy and training on how to operate the cycler, I felt that it was the right place for me at the dialysis clinic.

For the past four years I have been dealing with peritoneal dialysis - I train patients and meet with them during periodic examinations - then I do all the nursing work related to the care of the dialysis catheter and the PET test. During the trainings, a bond forms between me and my patients, which makes my work easier, and helps patients prepare for specialist treatment. At the same time, I work at the Blood Drawing Station at the Diaverum Outpatient clinic. This work also gives me a lot of satisfaction and contentment. It requires a holistic approach to each patient individually.

I really enjoy my job, especially direct contact with patients. I try to make the patients at our clinic feel safe and I am glad when they say that the atmosphere at Diaverum is friendly and conducive to treatment.

I fondly remember a patient who was starting peritoneal dialysis and when I asked him how he was feeling he replied: Here, I feel like I’m in heaven!


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