At the beginning of September, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of booster vaccinations. Patients with chronic kidney disease, who are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, could also be vaccinated with booster doses.

Since that time, as many as 76.42% of patients at Diaverum dialysis centres have already been vaccinated with the booster, while with the first and second doses – 91.83% and 90.64% of patients under our care, respectively.

Chronic kidney disease affects approx. 4.2 million Poles. It is a major risk factor for hospita-lisation among COVID-19 patients. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is particularly dangerous for individuals who suffer from renal failure. It has been emphasised by specialists that dialysis patients are especially vulnerable to severe COVID-19, due to reduced immunity and comorbidities. It is possible to contract COVID-19 after being vaccinated – however, it is very rare, and the symptoms are usually mild. Consequently, it is very important that as many renal patients as possible are vaccinated with the full dose.

The Minister of Health, taking into account the recommendations of the Medical Council, indicated the possibility of administering an additional vaccine doses to selected groups of immunocompromised patients, including the individuals with chronic kidney disease – not earlier than 28 days from the completion of the full vaccination schedule.

It is worth noting that a high level of vaccination has also been observed among our personnel. The first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were taken by (respectively) 90.06% and 87.34% of Diaverum’s medical staff, while the third dose has already been administered to 50.45% of our employees.

Such an efficient vaccination campaign was achieved thanks to the help and commitment of the medical staff at all Diaverum centres. The vaccination of patients was carried out in compliance with relevant procedures.

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